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Hamburg ist bunt. #csd #csdhh #hamburg #welovehh (hier: Christopher Street Day Hamburg (CSD))


Klaine <3

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The body paint is ehh, the boy is hotGay Porn Is Gay

normally i dont reblog porn, but the body paint is wicked, plus his hair


I often try not to have tears in his eyes, even though I know that the road is hard.
However, I am glad that I have my partner by my side. She gives me a hand that sustains me. She is there for me.
I have until now only entrusted to her as my fears are too great to talk with my mother. .

I will soon venture my next step and go to the doctor.

I hope I can do it.


MALICE MIZER (Vicious #44, June 1998)

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(Source: marisymizery)